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Probate Record Application

Request A Massachusetts Probate File or Docket Search From Bristol, Norfolk, Middlesex or Suffolk Counties.

We search for probated wills and or estate administrations. We do not search for wills filed for "safe-keeping".

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Estate Administration or Probated Will: $45.00

We only search for estates previously probated. We do not search for wills filed for "safe keeping" at the court house.

Date of Probate File

Is the file earlier than the year 1926? If so, select "Unknown" and explain specifics in notes section listed below. Not all papers in pre 1926 probate records can be photocopied. Condition and accessibility varies by county. Unless on microfilm or which the probate papers have already have been digitally scanned, we do not photocopy pre 19th century documents. These older probate records can sometimes only be photocopied by using record books, not the actual papers.

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Please explain any special circumstances or instructions for the court record retriever. Are there specific papers you want copied from the file? For example, the will, a list of heirs, an inventory?


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